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Steve Rood, General Partner

Weighing in with 35 years of experience in the entertainment and live event business, Steve handles the heavy lifting. Back in the day, Steve toured with major concert artists and Broadway productions before settling down for eight years as event manager at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City. A national expert in labor management, Steve has been a member of the IATSE Stagehands’ Union since 1981, and is Vice-President of The UTP Group, a company specializing in management and payroll for 26 union chapters in 10 states. Since 2001, Steve has led the team of engineers and technicians at CSR in production of corporate events around the world.


David Welsh, General Partner

Dave keeps Corporate Staging humming at high velocity. With 22 years’ experience in production and technical direction, Dave satisfies his need for speed by coordinating as many as 10 shows a month, directing a tireless team of 16 engineers and technicians as they travel to far-flung ports with truckloads of expensive equipment. Prior to joining Corporate Staging in 2002, Dave loved every minute of his 12 years as senior technical director at the Snowbird Resort, presenting and managing over 200 events per year and ripping out some awesome powder runs.


Don O’ Cain, General Partner

Don hung up his roadie gloves after a thousand rock ‘n roll shows and discovered the “roadie panacea” (corporate events) in New York - where he managed
AV operations in 15 hotels and convention centers. Building on his East Coast experience with clients such as IBM, PepsiCo, Anheuser Busch, Price Waterhouse and AT&T, Don followed the snow to Salt Lake City where he planted the seed of what eventually became Corporate Staging Resources. He now thrives in the shadow of Ensign Peak perpetuating Corporate Staging’s reputation for unfailing, unerring, indefatigable technical excellence. When Don isn’t on show site, you can probably find him in his backyard astronomical observatory photographing heavenly bodies.

Corporate Staging hires only skilled and experienced individuals - technicians, creative professionals, and managers - who come to their positions with substantial education, certifications and work experience. Because each member of the staff is an expert in their own function area, employees are “crosstrained” by working in multiple positions over different projects, receiving peer-to-peer training on the job.



“Your team took on a huge responsibility and kept a sense of humor throughout it all.”
Sayre Wiseman, Director
2002 Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies
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